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New rules. [20 Oct 2005|12:13pm]

Application required on all new requests. I find it very hard to help you if do not fill out this form. If you do not fill out this form, then your entry will be deleted as of October 20, 2005. I will do my best to help you-and if I can't then hopefully someone on here can. :)

First, if you're making a request, please post a new entry and fill out the form that applies behind a live journal cut =)

FormsCollapse )

Anything else, hit me up. Also, I make backgrounds frequently and have a lot of ideas for backgrounds. So, if you just want a lj makeover, then say something. :) Frequently I will probably be posting random layouts/pictures/banners I make in entries, with screenshots, etc. You are welcome to take these, just leave a comment saying you did so.

Also, when posting, make sure and put the Form # as the subject line so it makes us easier to help you. We ask that you remain courteous and keep the link back/credit on all pictures. Thank you. :)

I'd also like to apologize, I haven't been around for a while. I'm very very very sorry I haven't been able to help. Hopefully this community will come to life again as soon as you guys start filling out applications.
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makeup_and_hair [20 Oct 2005|11:59am]

so here I am

louis vuitton layout [03 Feb 2005|03:33pm]


you guys know the drill, take the *s out.

Want your lj to look like this?Collapse )
so here I am

show a little support. [19 Jan 2005|05:32pm]

<*center><*IMG SRC="
<*lj user="Aide_de_trace">

once again.. a banner. i've had this one for a while...

buuuut, all i ask is that you credit me for my work, etc. if my community has helped you a lot, then you can by placing this banner somewhere in your journal.

just take the *s out of the code :)
so here I am

New banner. <3 [19 Jan 2005|05:17pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Trance is pulse-pounding love.


For all you trance fans, here's the code for this to put in your journal. please do not take my credit off there, it would anger me :(

<*center><*img src="http://e.1asphost.com/miastaci42069/tranceislove.JPG">
<*br>Trance is pulse-pounding love.
<*font size=1><*br>by<*/font><*lj user="im_2_sexy" /><*/center>

Just take the *s out.

And make sure and comment if you take it! :)
so here I am

[07 Jan 2005|11:26pm]

pleasee help me out sum1Collapse )
so here I am

[20 Dec 2004|08:37pm]

1. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v484/WelcomeToThePlanet/IMG_4746.gif
2. no color change
3. "and I just pray my problems go away if they're ignored but that's not the way it works" on the picture in some way
4. if you could make it a bit smaller…not too much, just enough so that it is on the left side of the background and that I still have enough room for the posts.
5. image on the left
6. I want the rest of the background to be black

my email is TheatrTriplThret@aol.com or aim is EnterTheFallout if you have any questions on what i want.

thanks so much.

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Request [17 Dec 2004|10:52pm]

[ mood | confused ]

RequestCollapse )

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help! [25 Nov 2004|02:02am]

Read more...Collapse )
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