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Form 1-Layout
1. AIM/AOL/Yahoo SN/Email? orlifan2003-aim and aol
2. Tell us exactly what you want. Do you want a design around your entries? yes dotted lines. Do you want your background/scrollbar/etc a certain color? black, white, and grey and a touch of blue like in dom's eyes ^_^ Want your entries in a certain area/positioned a certain way?kinda like alid3y. Do you have a background URL if you want a background?yes i do^_^ Do you want a different font/font color/font size?just keep it the same ^_^. Do you want a hover on the links?yes Want pictures between your comments?yes  ( i would like to have that one between my comments) Want to change the words of your comments? Dominic-1st  Monaghan-2nd
3. Tell me if there's anything else that you might want/need. nothing else but Dominic is so Freakin Hott!
4. Your diary name and possibly, if there's a diary out there that you kind of like and would like something similar to, list that. Dominic is soo Freakin Hott

Form 2-Background
1. The image you would like for your background and/or URL:http://membres.lycos.fr/merryb/wp/dom01.jpg
2. The color change if you want it changed: just keep it black ^_^
3. Any words you would like on it.:none
4. Any special effects you desire. can you explain that more to me whenever you send me an instant message ^_^?
5. The positoning. in the middle
6. Anything else you'd like to inform us of: nope

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