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Form 1-Layout
1. AIM/AOL/Yahoo SN/Email? orlifan2003-aim and aol
2. Tell us exactly what you want. Do you want a design around your entries? yes dotted lines. Do you want your background/scrollbar/etc a certain color? black, white, and grey and a touch of blue like in dom's eyes ^_^ Want your entries in a certain area/positioned a certain way?kinda like alid3y. Do you have a background URL if you want a background?yes i do^_^ Do you want a different font/font color/font size?just keep it the same ^_^. Do you want a hover on the links?yes Want pictures between your comments?yes  ( i would like to have that one between my comments) Want to change the words of your comments? Dominic-1st  Monaghan-2nd
3. Tell me if there's anything else that you might want/need. nothing else but Dominic is so Freakin Hott!
4. Your diary name and possibly, if there's a diary out there that you kind of like and would like something similar to, list that. Dominic is soo Freakin Hott

Form 2-Background
1. The image you would like for your background and/or URL:http://membres.lycos.fr/merryb/wp/dom01.jpg
2. The color change if you want it changed: just keep it black ^_^
3. Any words you would like on it.:none
4. Any special effects you desire. can you explain that more to me whenever you send me an instant message ^_^?
5. The positoning. in the middle
6. Anything else you'd like to inform us of: nope

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I have your layout finished.. I just need an email address, sweetie. I'm also working on your background.
Also.. Would you want your entries to be transparent so you could see your background more?
Aaaaand what layout are you using right now? (Generator, tabular indent, etc.)
One last thing... What's the URL of the picture that you want to use to shove between comments?
my email address is orlifan2003@aol.com...the picture that i would like to have between the comments is this one http://www.dominic-monaghan.us/images/avatars/icon-dom49.jpg . and i would like to have it as a transparent and the layout that i am using right now is Generator ^_^...thank you ^_^.