BRANDi <!3 (vintage_hearttt) wrote in aide_de_trace,
BRANDi <!3

Form 1-Layout
1. AIM/AOL/Yahoo SN/Email? pshhh wtf (aim) (email)
2. Tell us exactly what you want.

Do you want a design around your entries? yes dotted lines or one solid line. whichever looks better.

Do you want your background/scrollbar/etc a certain color? um anything pastel like light green, light pink, yellow, or turquoise.

Want your entries in a certain area/positioned a certain way? i want them in the center, but i dont want it as big as it is now. i'd like them to be smaller in width plz.

Do you have a background URL if you want a background? no but it would be really rad if someoen could find me something retro or vintage ( i like black and white or like i said pastel colors)

Do you want a different font/font color/font size? if possible, i'd like all my font to be small arial besides my entries

Do you want a hover on the links? yes plz. (whatever u wanna do is fine)

Want pictures between your comments? yes . maybe a pastel colored heart to match my whole layout or something.

Want to change the words of your comments? no thanks.

3. Tell me if there's anything else that you might want/need. nothing that i can think of.

4. Your diary name and possibly, if there's a diary out there that you kind of like and would like something similar to, list that.

(below is a journal in which i absoluely LOVE the colors and the background, id love something somewhat similar and she has her entries spaced the way i want mine. but depending on the BG you choose, you could also put my entries to the left or right side. doesnt matter to me)

and this link below. i would like my entry dates to be like hers, how it says the day BIGGER than the rest.

NOTE: i cannot use any of this stuff in my journal tho, i kno these people so i cant steal their things lol.

Form 2-Background

1. The image you would like for your background and/or URL: idk. like i said anythign retro, i love polka dots , stripes, idk soemthing cute ya kno?

2. The color change if you want it changed: ???? Pastel colors like i said before

3. Any words you would like on it.: nah, but if there are words, thats ok too

4. Any special effects you desire. hmmm not that i can think of, but if u know any cute ones, feel free to put them on there if it isnt too much trouble.

5. The positoning. whatever works.

6. Anything else you'd like to inform us of: nopppe.


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