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Layout Help 4 U

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LJ Layout Help 4 U
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This community is for you to request, and me (or others in the community) to help. You may request pictures/icons/user pics/layouts/anything really. We'll do the best to help! :)


Application required on all new requests. I find it very hard to help you if do not fill out this form. If you do not fill out this form, then your entry will be deleted as of October 20, 2005. I will do my best to help you-and if I can't then hopefully someone on here can. :)

First, if you're making a request, please join the community, post a new entry, fill out the form that applies, and post it behind a livejournal cut. =)

Form 1-Layout
1. AIM/AOL/Yahoo SN/Email?
2. Tell us exactly what you want. Do you want a design around your entries? Do you want your background/scrollbar/etc a certain color? Want your entries in a certain area/positioned a certain way? Do you have a background URL if you want a background? Do you want a different font/font color/font size? Do you want a hover on the links? Want pictures between your comments? Want to change the words of your comments? ETC.
3. Tell me if there's anything else that you might want/need.
4. Your diary name and possibly, if there's a diary out there that you kind of like and would like something similar to, list that.

Form 2-Background
1. The image you would like for your background and/or URL
2. The color change if you want it changed
3. Any words you would like on it.
4. Any special effects you desire.
5. The positoning.
6. Anything else you'd like to inform us of.

Form 3-User Pics
1. The image you would like for your pic and/or URL
2. Animation?
3. Text?
4. Any special effects you desire?
5. Positioning of objects in finished picture.
6. Colors
7. Anything else not stated above.

Form 4-Specific Code
1. Provide a picture if possible if you want or a detailed description.

Form 5-Banners
See Form 3

Anything else, hit me up. Also, I make backgrounds frequently and have a lot of ideas for backgrounds. So, if you just want a lj makeover, then say something. :) Frequently I will probably be posting random layouts/pictures/banners I make in entries, with screenshots, etc. You are welcome to take these, just leave a comment saying you did so.

Also, when posting, make sure and put the Form # as the subject line so it makes us easier to help you. We ask that you remain courteous and keep the link back/credit on all pictures. Thank you. :)

1. Be nice to everyone!
2. Be patient, I am human, it's very hard for me to make all your requests as soon as possible, but I do. Allow me time to help you. :)
3. Do not spam the community, I don't like banning people, but if you 'act a fool' I will have no choice.

Overall, this community is to help you with your layout troubles and help you get your livejournal to look how you want it too.

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